Data center size

  •  This three-phase power distribution panel has an input voltage of 400-380 volts, and its continuous current intensity is 32 A. This power distribution panel is used to equip data centers.
  •  Available in black, red, blue, green and grey.
  • Chip-based microcontroller architecture.
  • The ability to automatically turn on after turning off and connecting the power.

Data Center voltage and power

  • Input voltage: 400-380 volts
  • Current intensity: 32 amps
  • Available input cable: EIC 4P+T

IT space details

  • Departures:
  •  13C:20
  • 19C:10
  • DIN: 0

Voltage, frequency and amperage

  • Dimensions (mm): 1753 x 66 x 60

PUE range

  • Power usage effectiveness or PUE is a standard efficiency measure for energy consumption in data centers; PUE, in fact, is the ratio between the total power of the installation and the power of the IT equipment used in a data center.

External dimensions

  • Maximum capacity of 110 kW
  • Maximum power of 88kW


  • Data center security is one of the most important issues that ensures optimal performance of the data center and allows the user to manage the data center without worries. Security includes several aspects, including physical and virtual data center security, explained below. View more information
PT-30V380D32 Download datasheet
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