2-year warranty on all equipments and 8-year maintenance service

APS and other data center services have a two -year guarantee that provides customers with the efficiency of the products. We are committed to doing this service for free if the components and equipment of the Data Center require up to 5 years. After the completion of each project, our specialists and experts are responsible for you, the customers, to provide you with any data center maintenance and repair services in the shortest time possible.

24/7 after-sales service and support

Abgineh Pardaz's support team is always attentive to maintaining customer satisfaction, and our experts respond to employers' questions and concerns with utmost care and patience, even after projects are completed. After the launch of each project, our specialists are at the service of customers to provide them with after-sales service for data centers

Full-Time Operations

Our operations team seeks to continuously monitor the progress of projects and achieve the best performance and efficiency exclusively in each data center. The engineers and experts of this team try to ensure the quality of the parts and equipment used and the way they are assembled by continuously monitoring all components of the projects, so that not the slightest defect occurs in the construction and assembly process. on data centers.

Software development, data mining, and business intelligence services.

As a knowledge-based company, Abgineh Pardaz also offers software development services based on its experiences and with the help of modern technology. Specialists of this unit work for software development and customer-required organizations and always try to improve the collection of software products and software development services. These services include online educational administration platforms, management dashboard tools, and comprehensive business intelligence, BI, and data mining platforms.

Speed ​​in production and delivery of projects

The design and implementation of container data centers in the shortest possible time is one of the commitments of the Abgineh Pardaz team, which are carried out according to the needs and priorities of the organizations. High speed in the project implementation process is one of the services that we have been proud to provide for many years. From the project start date until the completion of this process, all activities are provided to entrepreneurs in the form of a comprehensive report so that they can know the details of the progress of the projects.

Abgineh Pardaz Shargh