Employer : East Azerbaijan University of Medical SciencesEmployer's field of activity : ٍEducationProject size : InternationalData center type :Core data center, MOD Data CenterLocation :Eastern Azerbayjan, Hamedan, Iran, Iraq, QazvinProject status : Finished


The MOD container data center project, built in 2016 under the order of Zaim Electronics Industries, is another project by Abgine Pardaz Shargh to build a portable data center. This data center has no racks and is another Tabriz project


 In organizations and businesses around the world, secure storage and transfer of information, organizational personnel’s access to data, creating more space to store information, etc., have always caused great concern, and these issues are considered resolved. a great need. Payments company Novin Arin commissioned a portable data center to develop its information storage and security infrastructure to achieve the following benefits:

The need for more space to store the organization’s data
Increase the information security of the organization.
Integrated access to information by all members of the organization.

Project implementation challenges

Since every project consists of different parts and has different phases, we may face many challenges during its implementation. From the first meeting with the employer to the project completion and support process, many challenges arise that require intelligent management. Some of these challenges are:

Inconsistency between different departments of organizations.
Delays in payments from various companies and fluctuations in currency prices.
Power problems and widespread blackouts in the production site
Changing the demands and needs of the entrepreneur in the production process

The suggested solutions

Detailed planning of project execution, using experience and technical knowledge, holding numerous meetings with the entrepreneur and organizations related to the project, using the latest methods of project financial management and… There are some solutions that have been used.

Implementation stages of project

  • 1-جلسات با کارفرما و بررسی نیازها

    2-ارائه پیشنهادات و بررسی آن‌ها توسط کارفرما

    3-بررسی فضا و امکانات کارفرما

    4- شروع پروژه

  • 1-ارائه طراحی مرکز داده و تایید طرح توسط کارفرما

    2-تامین و ساخت قطعات و تجهیزات

    3-نصب تجیزات داخل کانتینر

  • 1-ارائه طراحی مرکز داده و تایید طرح توسط کارفرما

    2-تامین و ساخت قطعات و تجهیزات

    3-نصب تجیزات داخل کانتینر

  • 1-راه‌اندازی و تست اولیه دیتاسنتر

    2-کنترل کیفیت مرکز داده Quality Control

    3-تست فول‌لود Full Load دیتاسنتر

  • 1-بررسی عملکرد صحیح دیتاسنتر

    2-تحویل موقت به کارفرما

    3-تست نهایی پروژه در محل استقرار

  • 1-آموزش به کارفرما

    2-تحویل دائم به کارفرما

    3-اتمام پروژه 

Project implementation achievements

Perhaps the most important result of each of the projects is the creation of a data center using the most modern technological methods in the world, which meets all the needs of the employer established in the contract.

Behzad Borhani / CEO of APS

Project Photos

Abgineh Pardaz Shargh