Smart Box Data Center, Cyber ​​Security in Banking

With the trend towards digitalization of processes and the move towards minimal carbon use, data centers used in the banking and finance sectors are the first to be upgraded. The biggest challenge for banks is how to use new smart technologies to provide services faster and use minimal carbon. In the process of promoting green finance, data centers have become data centers of large financial institutions. As critical infrastructures in the financial industry, financial data centers play an important role in the rapid development of financial technology and digital transformation. Building safe, efficient and environmentally friendly data centers in the banking and financial sectors is an important step in creating new infrastructures and achieving the strategic objectives of this sector. As the most critical digital infrastructure of banks, data centers combine the best hardware and algorithms and combine an integrated system and architecture that allows each component to showcase its full capabilities. Mobile banking debit and credit cards are more or less dependent on online services and data centers. In banking, we typically don’t talk about building new data centers, but rather upgrading an existing internal facility or moving resources from that facility to colocation or the cloud.

Banking Industry Challenges in Information Storage and Transfer

Data centers with the ability to provide more compact hardware, with optimal algorithms, are one of the key areas to achieve energy efficiency. By reducing the size of data centers, widely used techniques for more efficient management of storage capacity, data deduplication and compression are used to improve the design and efficiency of data storage and significantly reduce energy consumption and the possibility of updating data. centers to achieve higher computing performance per kilowatt of electricity.

The suggested solutions

The financial sector is one of the large industries that depend on quality data centers to provide services. Data centers help banks manage and store customer metadata. These data centers provide trends that banks need to focus on if they want to grow in the future. In the future, data centers will form the backbone of the growth of the financial sector. Containerized data centers help banks manage the growing need for data storage.

Smart Box Container Data Center Production Line

The data center is designed during a process and built using the best tools and components. We try to maintain standard quality data center parts and equipment and provide maximum production efficiency.

Abgineh Pardaz Shargh