Job description

Marketing is one of the most important departments of our organization and we spare no effort for its dynamism and progress. Marketing team members have the opportunity to use their creativity in a lively environment and present new plans to advance the marketing department’s goals and move closer to company goals. We have decided to expand this team and welcome new ideas and brilliant people. If your job description matches the requirements of this job position, send us your resume so we can have the honor of interviewing you and continuing to work with you. Develop a security incident response plan.
Prepare an operational plan in the area of ​​identifying possible vulnerabilities of the organization and prepare a performance report based on the operational plans. Management of the organization’s information and communications technology security incidents.
Compilation of the organization’s regulations, instructions and security protocols regarding the SOC. Implementation of safety procedures developed against accidents.
Run and implement security dashboards to manage information security. Cooperation in the development and quantitative and qualitative promotion of the security of information and communication technologies.
The responsibility to create a connection between current and future security threats and vulnerabilities in order to facilitate understanding of the current situation and its improvement in line with security objectives. Develop security monitoring and alerting tools based on current needs and assessment of future needs.
Maintain and manage log monitoring tools and ensure logs are sent to the SOC system. Workplace: Mir Emad St.
Working hours and days: Saturday to Wednesday from 8:00 to 17:30.

Your needs

We need a senior digital marketing expert with the following skills:

Proficient in SEC 503 and SEC 511 concepts.
Proficient in SEC 555 concepts and security vulnerabilities. Familiar with the concepts of FOR500, FOR508 and FOR572.

Send us your resume

If you want to collaborate, please send your resume so that we will contact you after the review of the resume by relevant experts and after the interview and following the organizational procedures, we will be honored to work with you.

    Abgineh Pardaz Shargh