Job description

Marketing is one of the most important departments of our organization and we spare no effort for its dynamism and progress. Marketing team members have the opportunity to use their creativity in a lively environment and present new plans to advance the marketing department’s goals and move closer to company goals. We decided to expand this team and welcome new ideas and brilliant people. If the characteristics of your work match the requirements of this job position, send us your CV so we will have the honor of interviewing you and continuing to work with you. Analysis of behavioral data, collection and measurement of user needs.
Design product usage scenarios to simulate usual user behavior. Prototype design for user testing before implementation.
Design and implementation of A/B tests to analyze user response and behavior. Prepare the initial layout of your user pages and make changes to the initial layout.
Design sketches and wireframes based on the persona and gather feedback from product owners. Preparation of personal documentation, User Journey, etc.

Your needs

We need a senior digital marketing expert with the following skills:

Experience in web and application design. Full mastery of Photoshop and Figma.
Complete mastery of UI and UX design concepts. Knowledge of the design system.
Experience in creating Wireframe, Prototype, Storyboard and Userflow. Adequate understanding of the product design process.
Thorough understanding of business plans and providing solutions accordingly. Very high level of creativity.
Basic knowledge of programming principles and foundations. Ability to solve problems and provide solutions.
Sufficient skill in optimization and debugging. Creativity and innovation.
Ability to work in a team and collaborate with other team members. Availability and provision of periodic daily and weekly reports to the project manager.
A work sample is required when submitting a resume.

Send us your resume

If you want to collaborate, please send your resume so that we will contact you after the review of the resume by relevant experts and after the interview and following the organizational procedures, we will be honored to work with you.

    Abgineh Pardaz Shargh