Job description

Marketing is one of the most important departments of our organization and we spare no effort for its dynamism and progress. Marketing team members have the opportunity to use their creativity in a lively environment and present new plans to advance the marketing department’s goals and move closer to company goals. We have decided to expand this team and welcome new ideas and brilliant people. If your job description matches the requirements of this job position, send us your resume so we can have the honor of interviewing you and continuing to work with you. Digital campaign design.
Identify and resolve challenges related to managing a campaign. Business competition monitoring and media monitoring.
Budgeting and project management, provision of reports. Prepare and compile an action plan (Action Plan) for the exact implementation of the campaign.
Provide regular reports on campaign results, analyze and evaluate them. Examine trends in digital marketing.

Your needs

We need a senior digital marketing expert with the following skills:

Knowledge of digital marketing concepts. Knowledge of analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
Familiarity with the process and types of online advertising. Knowledge of project management tools and software.
Know the principles of budget management. Familiarity with the English language.

Send us your resume

If you want to collaborate, please send your resume so that we will contact you after the review of the resume by relevant experts and after the interview and following the organizational procedures, we will be honored to work with you.

    Abgineh Pardaz Shargh